Farewell, Alex!

I am yet to find the sweet in what everyone is calling a bittersweet moment.

Alex Graora, the first employee of Eastie Farm, is moving on to continue his adventures elsewhere in our wide world. As we bid him farewell, and wish him a deeply meaningful and joyful voyage, we appreciate having had his invaluable presence and support during the formative years of our organization, which coincided with some of the most challenging years in our world’s recent history. He not only helped us sail through the storm of the pandemic years, but did so while converting abandoned lots into beautiful community spaces, and spear-heading the creation of the first-of-its-kind clean energy greenhouse in our region.

We were delighted that our elected officials (State Representative Adrian Madaro, State Senator Lydia Edwards, and City Councilor Gabriela Coletta) kindly made time to attend Alex’s farewell party and recognize his undeniably significant contributions to our community. Thank you, Alex!

And thank you all, members of the Eastie Farm extended family, for coming in person to convey our collective gratitude to Alex. Thank you also to those who were present in spirit – we felt your good energy 🙂

And thank you, Agnieszka, for capturing the moments so beautifully.


Alex led the building of raised beds in school gardens and homes
Alex was the man on the ground for Eastie Farm’s massive food relief operation during the pandemic
Alex with Mayor Janey, City Councilor Edwards, and staff from city departments, state legislature, and Mutual Aid Eastie
Alex with board members (Monica, Juli, Rick, Kannan, Rudi, Yahya, Jackie, Ali) + Juana + little Teo
Alex with some of his past and present EF colleagues