Board games, and memory games, and puzzles, oh my!

Eastie Farm has partnered with a local gaming company Adverterra Games USA to bring board games and puzzles and memory games to Eastie kids of all ages. The age range for these games starts at 2.

The reason we have partnered with Adventerra is that all their games are about caring for our environment, which is one of our core values. The games help you learn and feel empowered in taking actions to solve our environmental problems, while having fun.

A second reason we love Adventerra Games, during this pandemic, is that they keep the family safely entertained at home, away from the raging outbreak unfortunately still wrecking havoc in our community. For an Environmental Justice community like ours, it is particularly important that we (1) understand the problems we face better, (2) learn about other communities around the world who may be facing similar problems, and (3) learn how to solve those problems.

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