Gardening Support Programs

Tierra Bella (“Beautiful Earth” in Spanish)

To welcome the spring, we hold this annual event right after Boston Shines, a citywide clean-up effort. To help community members start their own gardens, we provide not just seedlings but also soil, a pot, and natural fertilizers. Our streets become clean and our greens begin growing — what better way to start off the warm weather here in Eastie?

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Farm Tours

Eastie Farm offers farm tours that include demonstrations of rainwater conservation, groundwater recharging, and food waste management. To learn more, shoot us an email.



Future plans: Greenhouse

Our Greenhouse is coming! Once it arrives, we will be able to extend our growing season by starting seedlings weeks before the ground is thawed enough to plant. As well as for use in the farm itself, these seedlings will be contributed to our Tierra Bella seedling program.