Mutual Aid Eastie Fund

The Mutual Aid Eastie Fund will help individuals and families in East Boston who are suffering from food shortage, lack of access to information and resources (due to linguistic isolation or other barriers), and other financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic fallout.

The fund has been established by Mutual Aid Eastie Coalition, a coalition of grassroots organizations in East Boston: NUBE (Neighbors United for a Better East Boston), Eastie Farm, Cosecha Boston, and Empower East Boston. This coalition is already actively helping families by reaching out, assessing needs, maintaining and providing up to date information, increasing access to resources, and supporting people in whatever ways that seem helpful, whether it is lending a ear when they feel like talking or picking up groceries because they’re unable to leave home. A key component of the coalition’s approach is connecting neighbors with neighbors, so those with the ability to help can help those with the need, increasing the resilience of our community in the process. With financial resources, we will be able to go further and help people buy food, over the counter medicine; and satisfy other critical needs at this time of extreme difficulty and uncertainty.

Your donation to Mutual Aid Fund is tax-deductible. Please save your email receipt of the donation for your records.

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COVID-19 cases by neighborhood (Boston Public Health Commission, April 10, 2020)