Eastie Farm: Who we are and where we’re headed

Our Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategy

What we value:

justice, equity, diversity, community, resilience, regenerative methods, timely impact, health, responsiveness, agency, local and small solutions, nimbleness, grit, lean deployment, inclusion, sustainability, modeling positive change, labor

What we envision:

Empowered, cohesive, informed, and resilient communities that engage holistically with all aspects of our food system, while caring for people and planet.

Our mission

Create fun, tangible, and beneficial ways for people to engage with our food system, from seed-saving to soil-building, via place-making, workshops, educational programming, sales of produce and value-added products at market and affordable prices, and community events.

Our goals:

  • Create and maintain physical spaces for people to grow food and build harmonious relationships with our human and natural ecosystem.
  • Provide education and other engagement opportunities through farm-based classes and workshops.
  • Distribute locally grown produce and value-added products across the community in an inclusive fashion.
  • Model community and climate resilience in small, tangible, concrete, ways that provide community benefits in the immediate and long-term future.