Welcome to Eastie Farm!

22829009_889510837854180_1836229729490277468_oEastie Farm is a grassroots effort in East Boston to have a community space for growing food and building community.

Thanks for visiting eastiefarm.comĀ Please visit ourĀ Facebook page, which is where we post our regular updates with pictures. This website is updated less frequently.


Seed them cold weather crops!

Like someone who is leaving a party half-heartedly, winter is taking its time with a long good-bye. So we were lucky to have a nice warm day today to keep things moving at the farm: more cold-weather crop seeds in the ground, more organizing the space for easier access, protecting the young Persimmon and Asian Pear trees, sheet-mulching in spaces that were eroded, and planning, and chatting.

A cute little neighbor came by with his grandma to say Hello, and provided a report on his first visit to the barber shop. He is the same age as our young farm, and we can’ t believe he’s ready to go to day-care.


Donate to Eastie Farm

Your donation is Eastie Farm is tax-deductible. Please save your email receipt of the donation for your records.

Here are some examples of how your donation will be used:

  • Promote community integration via food-gardening events
  • Teach school children how food waste can be composted
  • Teach school children cutting edge agricultural technology such as hydroponics and aquaponics

Thank you!