Join the Eastie Farm family!

We are a dynamic and growing organization, doing cutting edge climate work in a way that centers community. We find this approach to be not only essential for a just transition into a more sustainable economy, but also the most effective way to take climate action and preserve a livable environment.

We have our feet firmly rooted in soil as we reach for the Sun, just the way a tree does:) We are in the beautiful coastal neighborhood of East Boston, an EJ community in the frontline of climate change. That is what informs our approach to climate action, i.e. via the vehicles of land use, education, and local food systems.

Use a search engine of your choice and do your own research if you prefer. Also check out our press page.

A couple of pointers:

  1. We have Platinum rating on Guidestar/Candid.
  2. We are top-rated by

We are looking for enterprising people with a passion for climate action, ready to work on solutions that serve people and nature both in the here-and-now and in the long term.

We learn our best lessons from nature. Nature’s resilience is rooted in biodiversity. Similarly, we welcome people of all walks: cultural, ethnic, economic, political, and linguistic. We only ask that you be willing to work with us and against the grain of status quo, recognize that it is inherently hard work.

Expertise? Not much. Perhaps some fundamentals of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), combined with familiarity with one or more of the following: ecology, plant ecology, regenerative farming/permaculture, hydroponics/aquaponics, community engagement, volunteer engagement, youth engagement, food systems, climate change, climate solutions, data visualization/science communication, website/social media engagement, tech (website and other customer-facing platforms), clean energy, equity, land use, education, fluency in English and Spanish.

We make a difference. In a space that is challenging yet critical: preserving a livable planet for all. We are grateful for the opportunity to find meaning in our work. So we do it with joy.

We are doers. We are results-oriented. We build long-term solutions on short-term results.

We have been recognized for our innovations: A zero carbon (not net-zero, actual zero) greenhouse; a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program that eliminates stigma, integrates community, and supports small farmers in the region; an engaging approach to climate action that everyone can get involved in.

Write directly to our Executive Director Kannan Thiruvengadam and Director of Operations Tell us why you would like to join us. We encourage you to do this even if there is no specific open position posted. We tend to be opportunistic in our approach to recruitment/growth, just like nature:)

We have jobs within our programming ranging from growing food in our urban spaces to engaging children in land stewardship, to administrative essentials like program coordination, project management, and finance. For more, get to know our staff.

It’s hard work. It’s deeply satisfying and rewarding. You have fun. You learn a lot. You work across silos. Over time, you find a mix of structured and unstructured/self-directed work to do that helps you sustain yourself while contributing significantly towards the mission of the organization.

We are more about our deliverables and responsibilities than about 9-5.

We have a positive culture of accountability and mutual support. We are still a growing, maturing, and young organization. You will find that we are still figuring some things out, which you are welcome to be part of.

We are part of the Ujima Good Business Alliance.

We pay competitive wages. Our benefit package includes health care, retirement savings, paid time-off (and we don’t deny benefits to part time workers).

Attend a volunteer event at our cool greenhouse (6 Chelsea Terrace, East Boston, MA 02128; Tuesdays 5-7). Check out our calendar of events.