Work With Eastie Farm

Join a dynamic organization that grows food, builds community, and works towards a livable climate! Eastie Farm is launching Climate Corps – an Earn-and-Learn youth program. We’re looking for youth who care about community & climate, and a coordinator/leader to support and guide them. Besides learning & earning in the present, youth will develop green job skills to apply towards their future.

Climate Core Youth responsibilities: Youth (high school) who participate in the program:

  1. Learn about climate change, its expected impacts on our community, and explain to visitors Eastie Farm’s approach to adaptation (e.g.: stormwater management via green infrastructure), mitigation (e.g.: food-waste composting), and resiliency
  2. Learn about food aid programs (local, city, state, and federal) and help eligible neighbors gain access to those programs
  3. Learn about urban agriculture and maintain our farm sites working with site managers
  4. Learn about community-building and support farm events (seedling sales, farm stand, volunteer harvest parties, farm tours, community workshops)
  5. Engage actively with the community through civic associations and other channels equitably.

Youth Job Period: Summer (20 hrs/week) with the possibility of extension

We welcome youth from all walks of life, including those experiencing linguistic isolation, experiencing homelessness, or other unfortunate circumstances.

Interested? Send a 1-page resume and cover to and

Climate Corps Coordinator responsibilities

1. Understand the roles of individual Climate Corps members 

2. Recruit, train, monitor, guide, and support team members

3. Help the team understand and deliver on responsibilities

4. Collect and provide feedback to Eastie Farm Exec team (Report to director)

5. Document and produce weekly reports (time, deliverables/achievements, issues & concerns, suggestions for addressing issues & concerns, next steps, clear statement of support needed from management for resolving issues & concerns promptly)

6. Focus on management: coordination, support, reporting, feedback assessment, and overall achievement 

7. Work in coordination with the farm manager and site managers

Coordinator Job Period: April 2022 – October 2022; 25 hrs/week (with the possibility of extension)

Climate Corps Coordinator qualifications

1. Good communication skills in English and Spanish

2. A college degree

3. Easy accessibility in East Boston; ability plan and communicate well; patience with the youth

Bonus: East Boston residence; Education experience; Farming/gardening experience; social media skills

Note that the Climate Corps coordinator will come on board early enough to learn whatever to get training in subject matter areas before the youth are recruited. So if this is your first time managing youth, or gardening, or talking about climate change, not to worry. If you have the aptitude and the attitude, with some hard work you will do just fine.

Interested? Send a resume and cover to and