Climate Corps Program 2024

Climate Corps is a paid fellowship program for youth ages 15-22 who have an interest in sustainability and community work. As a Climate Corps fellow, you get paid to learn about climate change, engage in research, and work at Eastie Farm.

Applications coming soon for 2024!

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Why Should You Join the Climate Corps? 

  • Develop green job skills (solar, wind, geothermal, farming, education)
  • Learn where our food comes from, who grows it, and how to support local farmers
  • Make Boston more sustainable and help the Eastie community
  • Learn about climate change and solutions through research
  • Collaborate with Northeastern’s Marine Science Center and Policy School
  • Support Eastie Farm’s operations (CSA and urban farming initiatives)
  • Become an environmental advocate

We are advocates for a resilient, sustainable, and equitable present and future. That means investing our time and labor into building a local, healthy food system, getting people reconnected to each other and the earth, and solving the problems of today with climate-positive solutions for a more livable future.

“Climate Corps made me feel connected to my community – meeting new people, being able to hear and learn about others’ stories and challenges , and being able to help people. Even to the point of getting to teach little kids about our environment and how to keep it safe, explaining all about climate change. This program means so much to me. Just how everyone is so kind and generous. I’m so grateful that I’m still being educated by everyone around me about so much more than I had ever known of.” 

Climate Corps member 2022