Eastie Farm Climate Corps

We find joy in belonging to nature. We appreciate the rains that bring freshwater to our plants. We appreciate the Sun that provides the photo energy that plants synthesize into food for us. We appreciate the soil, with all the life in it, that provides nutrients to plant life. We appreciate being able to breathe in the presence of vegetation, as they inhale what we exhale (Carbon-di-oxide), and we inhale what they exhale (Oxygen).

Climate Corps is made of teens who, by engaging in community services for and with our urban farms, learn about and contribute to community-centric climate solutions such as the geothermal energy that heats (in the winter) and cools (in the summer) our greenhouse, making it a space for people and plants all year. Here are some examples of the various kinds of work Climate Corps youth are involved in:

  1. Grow local, seasonal produce
  2. Distribute food (as part of CSA and free food distribution)
  3. Teach in the Junior Farmers (elementary) program
  4. Maintain our 7 farm sites
  5. Community organize for climate-centric issues such as:
    1. Getting people signed up for Community Choice Electricity
  6. Take care of newly planted seedlings in East Boston
  7. Engage and teach community members about:
    1. rain harvesting
    2. composting
    3. geothermal energy (used at our zero-emission greenhouse)


2022 Climate Corps Team