Junior Farmers

Junior Farmers is a multi-session educational summer program offered at the farm and other site-visits to facilitate experiential learning. Over the course of each week, kids learn to grow and care for plants, cook with fresh produce, investigate where food comes from in our community, learn about food waste management, pollination, biodiversity, etc. Schools interested in participating may write to info@eastiefarm.com.

The very first offering of this program was done as a partnership between Eastie Farm and Food Corps’s Ellie Doyle. Some favorite activities for kids included making homemade pickles, herbed butter, and fresh pesto; giving back to our neighbors at our local soup kitchen; and creating our own hanging planters from recycled materials.

Our current program (summer 2022) works with four East Boston public elementary schools, with an expanded and deepened curriculum focusing on: 

  1. Food: Growing and Harvesting 
  2. Plants and the Ecosystem 
  3. Sustainability and Cycles 
  4. Pollinators and Interconnectivity 
  5. Biodiversity 

Some of our highlight activities include making mulberry jam from our very own mulberry trees growing in our neighborhood, growing microgreens, writing poems and songs about our Earth and recording them on a podcast! We also have been harvesting cherries from Urban Wild and watering and weeding at our favorite gardens on Sumner St and Border St– can you guess which ones they are? 😉 


Painting what we see in the garden!

2021 Summer Program