Donate to Eastie Farm

(Wait! Are you here to donate to Mutual Aid Eastie? We are tracking that separately, so please give to the Mutual Aid Eastie Fund)

Your donations to Eastie Farm go towards all of Eastie Farm’s initiatives, including Eastie Farm’s own COVID-response activities, including our current free meals (over 5000 meals a week that we deliver to families who are confined to their homes for various reasons) and produce programs.

Your donation is Eastie Farm is tax-deductible. Please save your email receipt of the donation for your records.

Here are some examples of how your donation will be used:

  • Promote community integration via food-growing practices (seed & seedling giveaway, soil amendments giveaway, seedling sales, community gardening events, food and music festivals)
  • Conduct composting and rainwater harvesting workshops
  • Teach school children & community members cutting edge agricultural technology such as hydroponics and aquaponics

Thank you!