Eastie Farm Fall 2021 CSA

Thank you to all our neighbors who were part of our Summer CSA program! It was Eastie Farm’s first CSA and we appreciate you for coming along for the adventure. Hope the ride wasn’t too bumpy! 🙂 We are working hard to make it smoother by incorporating suggestions from our summer subscribers.

Most importantly, through your market-rate purchase, you have made it possible for low-income families to enjoy the same high quality produce at an affordable price.

Now onto the next excitement: Eastie Farm’s Fall CSA!

Still providing local, high-quality produce, with two major improvements in price:

Box cost: $25/box

But wait! You can get 40% of that back as Boston points, making the price effectively $15/box

Here’s how the discount works. And you will not get the discount if you don’t do all of the following steps.

  1. Install the B-local app.
  2. Connect your payment method to the app
  3. Sign up for the “Local In Boston”, “Support Boston’s Mainstreets”, and “Support Minority & Immigrant-Owned Businesses” rewards.
  4. Start buying products and services at participating businesses!

Each Boston Point is worth $1. You can then redeem those points at any of the redeeming businesses, including at Eastie Farm. You can find more information about B-local in our FAQ.

Let’s continue to eat well, and promote a healthy local economy and a global ecology! 

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. For growers, a CSA serves as an alternative to farmers’ markets – a way to connect them to customers so they can deliver their products at the peak of their freshness.

Why use a CSA?

  • Reduce food miles and carbon emissions
  • Support local farmers and Eastie Farm programs
  • Eat healthy produce at the peak of freshness

What products will I receive?

The produce you get each week is dependent on what our partner farms are harvesting – the specifics will vary, but it will always be a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and eggs. You can expect to receive spring greens or other early bloomers in the spring and pumpkins and other late crops in the fall, but each week will have surprises in store. If you ever receive something you don’t know how to cook, let us know! We will be adding easy recipes to our site all throughout the season to help you make sure you get the most out of your produce.


Greens – Bok Choy, Mizuna, Salad Mix, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi
Sweet Corn

Fruits, Herbs, and More



When and where can I pick up my produce box?

Dates: Wednesday (Oct 6) – Wednesday (Dec 22)
Time: 3 pm – 7 pm
Location: 294 Sumner Street, East Boston, MA 02128

Depending on community interest, we may be able to add other days, times, and locations – we welcome your feedback!

So what’s this about a 40% discount? What’s b-local anyway?

B-Local is a City of Boston program designed to promote local economy. The way it does that is by rewarding you, the customer, for shopping in Boston businesses.

Here’s how it works:

You get discounts for purchasing from local businesses. Those discounts work like the cash back option with credit cards. With Eastie Farm, you get a 40% back. That means, in the case of a CSA box, which costs $25, you get $10 back. That comes to your account as 10 Boston points. You can use those points to shop at any of the redeeming businesses.

To support local businesses and qualify for the discount:

  1. Install the b-local app on your phone
  2. Sign up for the kind of businesses you want to support (e.g.: owned by people of color; owned by immigrants; main street businesses; etc.)
  3. Access your card account through the app (I know this can be concerning for some; but this is how the app is able to operate without adding operational burden to small businesses or to you. See next question for some more helpful info on this.)

To get the points while shopping at any participating business:

  1. Just use the card you connected to the b-local app

Use points to buy (i.e. redeem points) at any of the redeeming businesses

  1. Go to the app
  2. Select the business
  3. Click on redeem
  4. Select points
  5. Show the redemption screen to the cashier

Wait! I have to give the app access to my credit or debit card account? That sounds scary.

Yes, it does. And we felt that too. Then we contacted the app developer, and learned more about which put our minds at ease. Here’s what we learned:

  • The connection to the credit/debit card account is through a industry standard called Plaid. Chances are you already use Plaid. Venmo and CashApp use it, for example.
  • The app really only sees the transactions relevant to the b-local business (i.e. not all your transactions).

Can I just buy on the day of delivery?

It’s best to order ahead of time in order to ensure availability. But you can always try your luck on the day-of. If you decide to do that, come towards the end of the pickup window – we can more easily assess our availability then.

How big are the shares?

Our shares have about 15-20 lb of produce weekly, though due to the relative size and weight of different items it will vary from week to week. We always aim to strike a balance between quantity and convenience to ensure food doesn’t go to waste!

My household doesn’t need as much, so can I receive less produce? Can I get half-shares?

We do offer half-shares! Starting with our Fall CSA, we will be able to offer a reduced-size box to households that won’t be able to use a full share. Our hope is that by offering this option, we can reduce food waste and better serve our community. The price for a half-shares is $15 per box – you can select this option when you sign up for the program

When will I pick up if I get a half-share?

Every week. The shares will just be smaller.

If I end up out of town one week, what will happen to my produce?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it! We will make sure it does not go to waste. We will donate to a low-income family or elderly citizen.

I’m interested in the program, but I can’t pay up front. Can I still participate?

Yes! We need a commitment on the number of boxes that we order, but if you can’t pay in full when you place your order we can work with you on a different way to structure the payment. You can either leave a note for us in the Google Form when you sign up, email csa@eastiefarm.com, or text 617-207-6545 to get in touch so we can find a way that works for you. We want everyone to be able to get local produce, so we are happy to be flexible!

I like this program but can’t participate. Can I donate my entire CSA for the season to a low-income family?

Yes, indeed. The last question in the form asks you if this is a donation – say Yes! And thank you for your generosity!

Question not answered here? Feel free to reach out to us at csa@eastiefarm.com.