A Greenhouse in Eastie

  • An all-year community-asset and a climate solution model
  • Heated and cooled with clean, renewable geothermal energy
  • All-year growing, education, and community space
  • Green stormwater management infrastructure with New England natives

Your kids can be junior farmers all year. You can cool-off here in the Summer. We can grow seedlings, tree saplings, and food-bearing plants all year.

This is an ongoing project. We are still raising funds for completing the greenhouse, developing the outside space with climate-conscious and community-centric green infrastructure & landscaping, doing the above-ground heat-exchange work from the geothermal well, and for constructing a shed with a green rooftop. Be part of this amazing initiative: eastiefarm.com/donate (Your donations are tax-deductible).

Carbon negative

This greenhouse is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer by exchanging heat with the ground. The process of pumping the fluid that transports the heat does require electricity – our supplier for electricity will be 100% green (via the City of Boston Community Choice Energy program).

When combined with the vegetation in the space, which sequesters carbon, this will be net-negative (i.e. absorbs more carbon than it releases into our atmosphere.

Food positive

Let’s save seeds and grow our own seedlings for our annuals. We are aspiring to have a tree nursery as well, and help increase tree cover in our neighborhood.

Climate adaptive

In the dog days of Summer, this greenhouse stays cool, (because it exchanges heat with the ground) providing a respite for those suffering from urban heat island effect.

Future positive

Our Junior Farmers program for school students can continue through winter. Besides the usual farm fun, and being comfortable and happy among greenery, our citizens of tomorrow will also learn about climate solutions, and hopefully become environmental stewards. Let’s build a better future together for our global village community.

I had never heard of geothermal energy until I visited Eastie Farm. I didn’t realize this technology is already available to us. I wonder why we still use gas.

— Ross, Eastie youth

This is my most favorite site to take my class for a visit. It’s in the middle of the neighborhood – an easy walk from the school. The kids love working with their hands planting, watering, and weeding. I notice that they tend to like their vegetables more when they are involved in growing them.

— Daniela, Middle school teacher

This is an ongoing project. The interior setup is ongoing. Be part of this amazing initiative: eastiefarm.com/donate (Your donations are tax-deductible).