Mutual Aid Eastie Coalition

Mutual Aid Eastie has a new fiscal sponsor and Eastie Farm will not be accepting any aid for MAE going forward.

Eastie Mutual Aid_ Relief Fund | Apoyo Mutua de East Boston_Fondo de Alivio

Dear Neighbors, we are currently experiencing an unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic that is rapidly disrupting our social, economic and cultural wellbeing. It is also exposing our communities’ vulnerability where many of our neighbors do not have the access, means or safety net to overcome the economic uncertainties and will not be able to meet our basic humanitarian needs.  We believe that during times of uncertainty that we must be more adamant about uniting, being in solidarity to care for each other like never before. That is why we have created the Eastie Mutual Aid Coalition composed of community organizations (NUBE, Eastie Farm, Cosecha Boston) and volunteer neighbors that are giving a little of their time to a week to identify the needs and abundances that we have as a neighborhood. To join the Eastie Mutual Network visit the website Mutual Aid Eastie and/or join the WhatsApp English group:

Yet we still need to do more to meet the financial hardship and economic instability that this pandemic has created.  In the spirit of spreading our collective abundances we created the Mutual Aid Eastie Fund to provide temporary economic relief to families & individuals that reside in East Boston to access nutritional food, basic necessities and urgent needs. We believe that the solutions to our problems are in our community and ask for you to make a generous donation to the Mutual Aid Eastie Fund, that will go to support our most vulnerable with priority going to households:

  • Food and related expenses incurred by
    • Families that  will not be able to access any  public government or recent federal stimulus programs.
    • Currently unemployed and/or low -middle income families facing economic hardship. 
    • Household with children and/or individuals with disabilities or caregivers
    • Elderly <60 with fixed income

For more information on how to qualify, call: NUBE at 617-981-4010  

or fill out Needs & Abundance Form and we will follow up with you. 

Fiscally Sponsored by Eastie Farm, a local 501(c3) non-profit all contributions are tax-deductible. 

Mail Check: Eastie Farm, 213 Webster Street, #2, Boston, MA 02128 (Please indicate in memo Mutual Aid Eastie Fund)

With much appreciation the Eastie Mutual Aid Coaltion_Neighbor Volunteers

Estimados vecinos, actualmente estamos viviendo un momento sin precedentes de la pandemia del coronavirus que está alterando rápidamente nuestro bienestar social, económico y cultural. También está exponiendo la vulnerabilidad de nuestras comunidades, donde muchos de nuestros vecinos no tienen acceso, medios o red de seguridad para superar las incertidumbres económicas y no podrán satisfacer nuestras necesidades humanitarias básicas. Creemos que en los momentos de incertidumbre debemos ser más firmes en cuanto a unirnos, estar en solidaridad para cuidar uno al otro como nunca antes. Es por eso que hemos creado la Red de Ayuda Mutua de Eastie de vecinos voluntarios que están identificando las necesidades y las abundancias de nuestro barrio.  Para unirse a la red Red de Ayuda Mutua de Eastie visite la página de web Ayuda Mutua de Eastie   o el grupo de WhatsApp

Sin embargo, todavía tenemos que hacer más para enfrentar las dificultades financieras y la inestabilidad económica que ha creado esta pandemia. Con el espíritu de difundir nuestras abundancias colectivas, creamos el Fondo de Ayuda Mutua de Eastie para proporcionar alivio económico temporal a las familias y a las personas que residen en el East Boston para acceder a alimentos nutricionales, necesidades básicas y urgentes. Creemos que las soluciones a nuestros problemas están en nuestra comunidad y pedimos que usted haga una donación generosa al Fondo de Ayuda Mutua de Eastie, irán a apoyar a nuestros familias más vulnerables con prioridad yendo a los hogares:

  • Familias que no podrán acceder a ningún asistencia del gobierno público o del reciente programas de estímulo federales.
  • Actualmente, las familias desempleadas y/o de ingresos bajos-medio de ingresos que se enfrentan a dificultades económicas.
  • Hogares con niños y/o personas con discapacidades o cuidadores
  • Ancianos <60 con ingreso fijo

Para más información cómo cualificar llama: NUBE a 617-981-4010  

o llene el formulario Needs & Abundance Form para darle seguimiento


Patrocinado fiscalmente por  Eastie Farm, una organización sin fin de lucros, 

todos las donaciones son deducible de impuestos. 

Mail Check: Eastie Farm 213 Webster Street, #2, Boston, MA 02128 (Por favor indicar en el memo  Fondo de Apoyo Mutua de Eastie )

Con mucho aprecio del la Red de Apoyo Mutua de Eastie Vecino Voluntarios 

The Mutual Aid Eastie Fund will help individuals and families in East Boston who are suffering from food shortage, lack of access to information and resources (due to linguistic isolation or other barriers), and other financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic fallout.

The fund has been established by Mutual Aid Eastie, a coalition of grassroots organizations in East Boston: NUBE (Neighbors United for a Better East Boston), Eastie Farm, Cosecha, Empower East Boston, and community members who’ve stepped up during the crisis to drive the Mutual Aid Eastie. This coalition is already actively helping the community members by reaching out, assessing needs, maintaining and providing up to date information, increasing access to resources, and supporting people in whatever ways that seem helpful, whether it is lending a ear when they feel like talking or picking up groceries because they’re unable to leave home. A key component of our work connects neighbors with neighbors, so those with the ability to help can help those with the need. We are strengthening relationships and the resilience in our community. With financial resources, we will be able to go further and help people buy food, over the counter medicine; and satisfy other critical needs at this time of extreme difficulty and uncertainty.

Those in need:

East Boston has historically been home to newly arrived immigrant working class families, undocumented communities, lower income individuals, rent burdened houoseholds, non english speakers, and some of the highest contaminated industries in the state of Massachusetts. East Boston is an environmental justice community that has historically faced public health issues like high childhood asthma rates, and residents who have already been struggling financially to meet rent, and basic nutritional needs. Now with the COVD-19 crisis, East Boston is facing greater economic, social, and medical need for families and individuals who are now living without their biweekly paychecks, with no incomes, no unemployment benefits, no health insurance, and current food and job insecurities. 

Therefore, the economic, social, and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were immediate and dire for the many Chelsea individuals and families who live one paycheck away from serious financial hardship. COVID-19 has magnified the challenges our community has long been struggling with: unstable and unaffordable housing, food insecurity, low wages, lack of English proficiency, and high rates of uninsured.

COVID-19 incidence data by neighborhood, Boston Public Health Commission, April 10, 2020