Flowers for All!

Jackie’s message to passersby

Yesterday (and a few times previous at Our Garden on Border Street), Jackie set up a flower giveaway. Recently, Encore Casino brought to our attention thousands of flowers in need of rehoming. Jackie has been making pickups to not only beautify our properties, but also to bring some of the season’s new life to the neighborhood. The flowers donated were daffodils, mums, begonias, and calandiva. Be on the lookout for things going on at our properties as you take your social distancing walks! Also be sure to check East Boston Mutual Aid using the link below. You can find out what we’re offering as well as many others in both English and Spanish. There’s both a section to express needs and a section to help fill the needs of others. Help in any way you can and don’t hesitate to ask!

Rain barrels double as tables while we grade the property
Outside of Our Garden last week

Thank you to Kannan for setting up the Mutual Aid webpage, Jackie for picking up and setting up the flowers, and to Encore for donating them.

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  1. How kind and what great work, bringing nutritious food to nourish the body and flowers to nourish the soul.

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