Volunteer Work Parties Begin!

Weekly work + harvest parties kicked off last weekend at Our Garden (293 Border Street) and will continue each week throughout the growing season. These parties are open to neighbors and friends of the garden that would like to volunteer and help Eastie Farm maintain our beautiful spaces. Check out times and locations for all of our events on our calendar (thanks, Max!) and we hope to see you at one or all of them soon.

At last Saturday’s event, the rain wasn’t able to dampen our first harvest of the season. We harvested lettuce, spinach, chives, cilantro, mint, sage, lemon balm, chamomile and oregano – yielding over 13 pounds of lovely greens. The goods were put out for those brave enough to take a stroll and messages were posted to Mutual Aid Groups, facebook and sent directly to those who have signed up to receive text updates about Our Garden. You can sign up for these too, simply text ‘Our Garden’ to 617.207.6545.

An exciting note is that our lettuces and some of our spinach were grown from seed and started hydroponically at Corner Stalk Farm – the freight farms located on Condor Street right around the corner from Our Garden. Volunteers Kata Ho Givens and Zach Martin led the charge and along with other volunteers, transplanted the seedlings on April 30th.

Juana shows Lucero how to start seeds

The remaining spinach seedlings were grown in our own greenhouse – started and cared for daily by Juana, Jefa del Sitio at Our Garden. Our seeds were sourced from Fruition Seeds and we cannot wait for you to enjoy locally grown fresh greens. Hopefully we see you tomorrow, 8-11!

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