Mission: Eastie Farm is dedicated to improving food access and community resilience through the development of interactive urban agricultural spaces, where residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to learn and take part in the production of healthy, locally-grown, and culturally relevant foods.

Eastie Farm was established in 2015 to take care of our first site at 294 Sumner St, and has since grown to encompass food, education, and gardening work in service to improving the environment in East Boston and across Massachusetts.

We support free food distribution across the neighborhood, both out of our own sites and with our partners such as Grace Federated Food Pantry, Boston Housing Authority, and Boston Public School. We also support area farms with our market-rate Community-Supported Agriculture program, making local produce available for East Boston residents. We accept SNAP and participate in the state Healthy Incentive Program which gives additional funds for SNAP recipients to spend on local produce.

We partner with neighborhood schools to offer our Jr Farmers and Climate NATURE programming to elementary and middle school students. High school students join us as volunteers or through our Climate Corps paid work program to learn about environmental work and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

We manage 7 garden sites across East Boston, both our own and at partner schools. These sites help to ameliorate the climate impact of development, and provide peaceful spaces for the community to work the earth and gather for workshops and other events.

Eastie Farm does not discriminate based on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexuality, or ability in its activities and programming. Please contact Kannan Thiruvengadam (kannan.thiruvengadam@gmail.com) with any questions/concerns regarding civil rights with regards to Eastie Farm’s activities and programming.

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