Eastie Farm Food and Fun

Jackie Loson, an Eagle Hill resident who has been caring for “Our Garden” this year, organized a fun multi-activity event for us all.

The plants and the kids certainly loved the rain that came midway through the event 🙂 But the tents that Billy Perry and Chris Marchi provided kept us dry throughout.

But before the rain — and during — Peter Chipman (gardener, dad, and owner/sharer of an apple cider machine :)) kindly chopped and pressed apples on the spot so we all enjoyed some delicious cider (although I suspect those closer to the machine got more). We also got a good demo of composting options from Rudi Seitz (musician and photographer, but also someone who has been composting religiously for the last 3 years). Participants got to taste fresh food made by Chef Matt of Noodles by Iterum (soon to open East Boston restaurant focusing on zero waste), salsa and sauerkraut made by Keith Hartwig (an artist and clearly a fermentation connoisseur).

State Representative Adrian Madaro was a trooper to join us in the pouring rain. So were so many others who didn’t mind the rain and helped with the event. Bill Perkins and Z the protector of Trees everywhere joined us as well.

It was nice to have so many folks from the Church next door attend, take the garden tour and listen to the composting options.

Peter brought the cider machine and made cider

Chef McPherson telling Rep Madaro where all the ingredients for his dish came from: The garden!
Enjoying Zucchini noodes made with fresh ingredients from the garden, on the spot
Odalis writes what she likes about the garden: “A mi me gusta los flores”
Environmental benefits of urban farms
Rudi with his composting options setup
#1: Commercial (easiest: pay $$; no meat or dairy)
#2: Vermicompost (limited amounts — no more than the worms can handle)
#3: Backyard compost (everything except meat & dairy)
#4: Bokashi (only option that can compost meat & dairy)
Masha Vernik translates the compost demo to Spanish
Harvest that participants took home

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