Garlic Festival Fun at Our Garden

While cold weather may be slowly approaching, a beautiful day in East Boston meant opportune time for some communal garlic planting! With all the summer-time vegetables now harvested, Our Garden prepares for the winter by becoming home to many winter-ready garlic beds.

Jackie illustrates how the end of a shovel/rake makes the perfect sized pit for placing garlic.

To add to the festivities, fresh apples were cut and pressed into instant cider much to everyone’s enjoyment (machine yet again a courtesy of Peter Chipman).

A little bit of elbow grease is all it takes to get delicious apple cider.

Leftover apple scraps made perfect food for our red wiggler worms, whose castings (vermicompost) were up for grabs today as well. This nutrient-rich end product is a powerful source of food for plants, including the garlic planted today!

A variety of garlic showcased next to the vermicompost.

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