Maverick Landing and The Nantucket Lightship LV-112

“I think it’s better without the gloves!”. Sarah, Silvia, and Alia spray a mixture of water and vermicast (worm fertilizer) on their newly planted bed.

Eastie Farm helped facilitate the weekly Wednesday Climate Nature program over at Maverick Landing Community Services. We began with a discussion of the Belle Isle Marsh and understanding its role as a key habitat both for those animals that live there year-round and the migratory visitors. Among the favorites of the children were the osprey and coyote. They thought the coyote was especially cute after they learned that their dogs weren’t in any danger from it!

“We need to make more trees to save the world and animals”

After learning about the rising water levels and the movement of the marsh to cope, the kids were eager to write letters to government officials asking them to leave room around the marsh for it to grow as needed.

“Dear Mayor Walsh your vary nice today” starts Hiba as she writes Mayor Walsh asking him to help out the coyotes and birds of the marsh.

Later on in the week, our regular Saturday morning volunteer group from Suffolk University and myself headed over to help out another non-profit in the area. Bob Mannino, president of the U.S. Lightship Museum, needed help with some clearing out of the Nantucket before it went for its inspections. A few hours later, the scrap metal was out and the holds were clear. Bob was gracious enough to give us a little tour after some coffee and donuts!

The volunteers on the bow of the Nantucket looking over the harbor.

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