STEAM Garden Planning at McKay

Carrots, cabbage, and sunflowers in her new garden!

Eastie Farm has taken on a new project with the McKay School! Alongside teacher, Michelle Callaway, we will be offering STEAM classes to third graders every Thursday. What is STEAM? Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math all rolled into one class period is what!

Learning about 3D drawing and proportions

In our most recent two hour block with the kids, we focused on putting the eight raised beds out in the recess yard to use. The kids braved the cold weather while they took measurements and observed what was going on in the beds right now. Some noticed brown plants that looked dead and wanted to know if they should include the spaces they were taking up when they went to make their scale drawings. And now they know what perennials are. Those plants are going to produce again when the last frost is over. They aren’t dead, they just go dormant in the winter.

Kannan torn between teaching surfaces
Using a planning sheet to decide what they want to plant before drawing them in
In the zone

Now that the weather is starting to turn, the soil is beginning to thaw. That means that soon it will be workable and we can plant in the coming weeks. Look out for a lot of carrots, broccoli, and sunflowers!

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